Kin Lon Ma

About Me

Photographer based out of Toronto, Kin Lon has been interested in the visual arts and photography since elementary school. The first time he picked one up was on a school trip to the zoo in grade 2, and since then has been fascinated by the ability to capture small moments that might mean nothing to the masses, but mean a lot to a few.

Armed with an eye for the often-overlooked, he further trained his eye in event photography and photojournalism, and initially took the hobby seriously by applying himself to landscapes, event and wedding photography. 

Initially graduating at McMaster University with a Bachelors of Commerce in hand, he realized that pursuing a passion was much more important than financial stability. He entered school again for photography, and was directly introduced to the commercial industry of photography. 

Through schooling and training with major advertising photographers and studios, he has now not only learned that photography can capture and preserve moments, but can be a tool to create stories and narratives for people to enjoy.

His interest in shoot mainly includes portraiture, weddings, landscapes, product and food. Feel free to inquire about his services by dropping a message!


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Phone Number: 647.448.6258

Address: Ontario, Canada

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